The best way we can contribute to transforming the world is to transform ourselves. If we decide to transform ourselves there is no force in the world that can prevent us from doing so. We can transform ourselves. If we want to do so, there are pathways, both religious and non-religious. No matter what path, we follow if we transform ourselves, the small world around us will begin to follow us.


Auckand - Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust (AWCT) announced the winner of THE AWCT Unpublished Manuscript Award on Aug 14, 2015.

Spirituality Demystified Cover Page 2  

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“This work is mind blowing in its simplicity, its clarity, its cogent use of words, its ability to cover the most abstract of topics seamlessly while staying fully grounded, completely clear and coherent. Indeed, if one were to only read one book in one's lifetime, this is the one. I cannot speak too highly of this simply extraordinary work. I hope to see it published very soon, preferably by a mainstream publisher so that its great wisdom and enlightened view is spread far and wide. Its contents are timely indeed, they are of our time and sorely needed in our perturbed and chaotic modern world. A brilliant work.”

Adonia Wylie, Trustee and Convenor of Judges 2015 Book and Manuscript Awards.

“This manuscript is what it says: an explanation of spirituality in language that is easy to understand for anyone interested in a spiritual life. With the help of scientific evidence, Ulluwishewa shows how our brains are hard-wired to be in a state of being one with the spirit, being who we really are. He also shows how this desire can be corrupted preventing us from following our hard-wired brains.

The book is filled with practical, simple advice about how we can be truly ourselves, and how we can experience transformation: inner transformation from self-centeredness to selflessness, from greed to generosity, from disharmony to harmony, from hate to love, and from ‘I’ to ‘We’ – in essence, spiritual transformation.”

Mary Egan, a judge 2015 Book and Manuscript Awards.

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SrilankaNZ newspaper articles


Buddism and Happyness
A Scientific Explanation

Part 1 (page 14-15)

Part 2 (page 23-24)


Are we designed to be selfish or selfless?

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LOS ANGELES – American Book Fest announced the winners and finalists of THE 2014 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS (IBA) on May 21, 2014.

CoverPage SpiritualityandSustainableDevelopment


 “At last! Here is a book which gets to the real root of the problem. For sixty years we have had people telling us that world problems of poverty, hunger, inequality, poor health and unhappiness could be solved by western economics and technology. These misconstrued solutions led only to ecological disaster, overpopulation, unsustainability and disastrous prognoses. Now, however, Rohana Ulluwishewa has dared to expose greed as the ultimate cause: greed of individuals, greed of groups of people, and greed of the whole human species. Only by spirituality can this greed be curbed, at the individual level, the community level and the species level. Spirituality, whether religious or non-religious, can offer unselfish happiness to all people, and the author explains how this can be done. I recommend this book without hesitation to all readers. It could change your life, and those of many others also.”

Rev. Dr. John Flenley,Emeritus Professor of Geography, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

“This book is of utmost importance in understanding the issues and meeting the challenges of sustainable economic development. The author reframes sustainable development as a challenge that begins internally, within the individual, rather than externally, in the environment or society. The internal challenge can only be met by developing the spiritual dimension of the individual or the spiritual self. The book is well-thought-out, well-documented and well-written. It guides the reader down a clear path of purpose toward sustainable economic development.”

Dr. John Ikerd, Emeritus Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri – Columbia, USA.

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Part 1 (page 16)

Part 2 (page 16-17)

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Launching of the book written by Dr. Rohana Ulluwishewa, 'SPIRITUALITY DEMYSTIFIED: Understanding Spirituality in Rational Terms' at the OPA Auditorium in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 27th April 2016. Chief Guest was Honorable Karu Paranawithana, Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Reforms and Media. The session was chaired by Mr. Ruwan Gallage, President-Elect of the OPA (Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka.
 Warwick Smith/ Fairfax NZ
Spirituality Demystified



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